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Facts about gold vermeil

What is Gold Vermeil?

Gold Vermeil (pronounced vur-MAY) is genuine .925 sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of 14k-24k gold.

    Vermeil jewelry is one of the hottest trends right now as it strikes the perfect balance between quality and value. Many people tend to confuse vermeil with gold plating, and even though they do share a few aspects, there is a big difference in quality, durability, and desirability.

    In gold plating, any metal can be used as the base, and the gold layer can be of varying levels of purity. This will result in a variety of thicknesses for the gold coating. Gold plated pieces are cheaper than vermeil jewelry as they use any metal to create the core for the plating.This can be steel or brass, which is dipped in gold to form a thin layer of gold plating.